SMD Rework Station with Vacuum Pickup

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SS-952 SMD Rework Station designs with Micro-Processor and 600W high performance, compatible with various types of air nozzles to meet different repairing requirements.
Micro processor-controlled ESD safe
Easy-to-adjust temperature and airflow control with digital display.
Fast heating response
High performance provides fast heating response.
Built-in thermal protector
Built-in temperature sensor and thermal protector that aids in providing stable temperature measurements and protection.
Integrated airflow gauge
Wide range of operating temperature and airflow level selection for precise airflow level adjustment.
Automatic cooling function
Automatic cooling functionality for safety and added protection.
Unique sleep mode
Unique sleep mode with timer functionality.
Station Size(mm) 188 (W) x 127 (L) x 244 (D)
Weight 3.8Kg
Voltage AC 210-240 V / 50-60 Hz
Power consumption 600 W
Temperature Range 100°C - 480°C
Heating Element Type Metal Heating Core
Pump/Motor Type Diaphragm Special-Purpose Lathe Pump
Air Capacity 23 l/min (Max)
Standard Plug B type
Accessories 4 pcs Air Nozzles
Hot Air Gun Holder
IC Popper
Power Cord
Vacuum Suction Pen
Instruction Manual
Individual packing Blank Box