Hot Air SMD Rework Tool 220V~240V, 5~600W

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‧ CPU control to precisely control both temperature and air flow to tight specifications. 
‧ Fully digital settings and visual display for easy use and control.
‧ Temperature adjustable from 100°C to 480°C space saving design.
‧ Space saving design. Built-in fan for air control eliminates need for separate air pump.
‧ Three different nozzles sizes included. 
‧ Can be used for QFP, SOP and PLCC SEM ICs.

Product Name:SS-601F

Model No. Voltage Consumption Temperature Nozzle Replacement heater Standard Plug
SS-601A 100~120V 5~500W 100°C~ 480°C 
(212°F~ 896°F)
9SS-900-A1(Ø 2.2mm)x 1pcs
9SS-900-A2(Ø 6.6mm)x 1pcs
9SS-900-A3(Ø 8.5mm)x 1pcs
9SS-601A-H A
SS-601F 220~240V 5~600W 100°C~ 480°C 
(212°F~ 896°F)
9SS-601B-H F