Digital Preheat Platform

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PID controlled
PID controlled with Temperature compensation, temperature auto calibrating and accurately control.
Aluminum Alloy Platform
Platform is made by aluminum alloy, high density and good thermal conductivity.
Infrared Heater
Equipped with infrared heaters with Ceramic insulated tube for fast, efficient, even heating across the surface of the plated and long service life.
Dual Digital Display
Dual digital display of setting and working temperature ensures reliable temperature control and adjustment.


Product Name:SS-571B


Model No.
Power Consumption
Temperature Range
Room temp. 400℃
Temperature accuracy
Temperature stability
Control system
PID Control
Temperature compensation setting
Platform size
100×100x15 (mm)
Platform material
Aluminum Alloy
220V~240V 50/60Hz
Standard plug
B type
Dimension (LxWxH)
280×145×115 (mm)