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Adjustable Torque Screwdriver

    Idea for electronic, computer, communication, motorcycles, bicycle, automobile, truck, heavy machinery, ships, cruise, aerospace industry, high-speed rail and more.

    Accuracy of torque ±6.0 %

    Each torque wrench laser serial no. and calibration certificate for future tracing


    Dual units scale indication

    Dual units N.m and lbf.in or lbf.ft scale indication


    CW/CCW torque control

    • Applied to both clockwise and counter clockwise bi-directional torque control
    • Signals by impulse when torque setting is reached


    Easy Torque adjustment

    • Easy torque-adjusting design brings energy-saving benefit
    • Positive locking mechanism avoids accidental setting alterations


    Reliable Mechanism

    Quality meets DIN ISO 6789 & ASME B107.300-2010


    Product Name:SD-T635-16

    Product Name:SD-T635-16

    Specifications SD-T635-0112 SD-T635-16 SD-T635-510



    Dual units

    Torque Range

    0.1~1.2 N-m
    1.33~10.18 lbf.in

    1.0~6.0 N-m
    13.28~48.68 lbf.in

    5.0~10 Nm
    48.68~84.08 lbf.in

    Accuracy ±6.0 %
    Graduation 0.01 N-m/lbf.in 0.1 N-m/lbf.in
    OAL 180 mm 200 mm
    • Adjustable Torque Wrench & Screwdriver