RepairPro Tool Kit

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Completer kit for opening, refurbishing, repairing Smart phone, PAD, notebook, camera and video games.

PK-9112 is a complete, comprehensive kit. It includes the essential tools for the 3C repair and refurbish market. It allows opening of tablets, notebooks, electronic device cases and most branded video games such as Apple, HTC, Samsung, Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, Sega and more.


Product Name:PK-9112

9PK-9110A Prying paddle 30.5×30.5×30.5 mm
9PK-9110B Open lever (POM) 88.7mm
9PK-9110C Open lever (POM) 84.4 mm
9PK-9110D Suction cup Φ36 mm
9H084 Point-blade solder aid tools (155 mm)
9H085 Squdger solder aid tools (140 mm)
9H086 Fork-blade solder aid tools (173 mm)
9MS-9326 Double-end metal spudger (185mm)
9MS-9327 Metal spudger tool (123×12mm)
TZ-202N Ergo-grip tweezer (super fine tip straight)
120.5 mm
TZ-204N Ergo-grip tweezers (fine tip curved)
120.5 mm
TZ-225N Ergo-grip tweezer (super fine tip straight)
120.5 mm
9R006 Steel ruler 6"
8PK-394B Precision knife
AS-611 Wrist strap 10ft
SD-9828 58Pcs Driver kits
9ST-PK9112 Tool bag (233×150×55 mm)