6 PCS iPhone Series Disassemble Set

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PK-9110 6 PCS iPhone 3/4 Disassemble Set is a professional, portable and complete kit. Perfect fit for Apple iPhone 3 & 4 repair, also allows opening of many other devices as well without any damage
  • 6 PCS iPhone Series Disassemble Set
  • New 5 point P2 size plus Philips#000 screwdrivers fit all the screws in the device
  • Polyoxymethylene(POM) opening levers for leverage to open the housing easily and access the inside parts safely
  • Miniature Suction Cup for pulling up iPod Touch and iPhone glass without leaving marks on device.
  • Comes with a prying paddle for opening case without scratching the cover Excellent solution for opening Apple iPhone 3 & 4 or other devices.
Product Name:PK-9110 P2x40mm: OAL 91.5mm
 PH#000x40mm: OAL 91.5mm
(POM) opening lever x 2 OAL 84.4mm , 88.7mm
Suction cup Ø36mm
Prying paddle 30.5mm x 30.5mm x 30.5mm