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Hvac Installation & Repair Tool Kit

    A complete set for A/C system installation and maintenance, such as air conditioner, heater, dehumidifier , central air conditioning system, refrigerator, and more.
    PK-2627 contents
    PM-903 Lineman’s plier (225mm) black oxide finish 9”
    PM-909 Long nose plier (170mm) black oxide finish 6”
    MT-3110 3 5/6 Smart digital clamp meter
    MT-4606 Infrared thermometer
    HW-010 Adjustable wrenches - 10”
    1PK-H028 Adjustable wrench - 8”
    8PK-021N 7Pcsfolding hex key set
    CP-380 Automatic wire stripper
    MS-710 Anti-fog uv protective glasses
    SB-4121 Multi-function tool box with removable tobe tray
    • Case size : 410x210x185 (mm)
    • Individual packing:Color sleeve