General HouseholdTool Kit

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『Household Tools』
Electrician repair
Home repair

The general household tool kit is versatile tool assortment of the most commonly used tools for basic home or office maintenance. Everything you could possibly need for little jobs together in a compact and durable carrying case.

PK-2051T Contents
1PK-067 Side Cutting Plier (160mm)
1PK-709 Long Nose Plier (160mm)
9DK-2060 3M Auto Stop Measuring Tape
9FL-516 9PCS LED Flashlight
9MS-001 PVC Insulated Tape
9SD-329H Screwdriver Probe Voltage Tester
SD-9608 30pcs Aluminum Handle Precision Screwdriver set
HW-008N Adjustable Wrench - 8"
HW-221M 8PCS Aluminum Case FoldingHex Key
PD-513 Utility Knife
SD-5101A Line Color Screwdriver (-3.0x 75mm)
SD-5101B Line Color Screwdriver (#0 x 75mm)
SD-5107A Line Color Screwdriver (-6.0 x 100mm)
SD-5107B Line Color Screwdriver (#2 x 100mm)
SR-330 All Purpose Snip (165mm)
9SB-207 Plastic Tool Box

Box size: 320x260x60mm(O.D.)