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Optical Fiber Identifier

    Live Fiber Identifier & Detector
    No damage to fiber
    • Support to detect optical signals without disrupting traffic;Based on non-destructive technology;
    • Indicate the signal direction in fiber
    • Detect a variety of optical tones,270Hz, 1kHz and 2kHz;
    • Suitable for 0.25, 0.9, 2.0, 3.0mm fiber, and no need to replace the clamp block, more convenient than others

    250um fiber@1550nm=-35dBm

    900um fiber@1550nm=-35dBm

    2.5mmmm fiber@1550nm=-30dBm

    Max. Input +5dBm
    Wave Respond 800nm~1700nm
    Clamp Loss <2.5db Typical
    Power Supply AA Alkaline Cell or Ni-Mh Cell
    Frequency Identify 270Hz/1KHz/2KHz
    Fiber Type Dia. 250um/900um/2.5mm/3mm SM fiber
    Sound  Yes
    Fiber Press <100KPSI
    Auto Power Off Yes


    • Optical Fiber Identifier