Professional Modular Crimps Strips & Cuts Tool (200mm)

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The professional modular crimping tools work for solid and stranded wire and have a built-in cutter on the rear and a stripper on the front.
The smooth ratcheting mechanism will ensure positive connections each time and keep the metal frame and its built-in dies rigid and durable.
  • For crimping modular plugs in parallel action.
  • Cuts, strips, and crimps modular plugs without changing modular (DIE) set.
  • Smooth ratcheting mechanism ensures positive connections.
  • Carbon steel frame, harden & black oxide finished.
  • Lightweight, durable and compact.
Material Handle


Application OAL.

Individual packing

Carbon Steel T.P.R 45˚±3˚ 8P8C/RJ-45, 6P6C/RJ12, 6P4C/RJ11,
4P4C & 4P2C/RJ22 plugs, and RJ11/6P6C DEC-Off set plugs
200 Blister card