Digital H.V. Insulation Tester

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  • 2 Lines x 16 Characters large LCD.
  • Bar-graph indicates test voltage-rise and decay can be observed during tests.
  • Auto Ranging.
  • Smart microprocessor controlled.
  • Four insulation test voltage: 500V DC(25GΩ), 1kV DC(50GΩ), 2.5kV DC(125 GΩ),5kV DC(250 GΩ).
  • Warning and display of external voltage presence.
  • Measure insulation time test.
  • Very low battery consumption.
  • Extra function: low battery indicator, auto power off, over load protection.

  • Test Voltage(Measuring): 500V DC(25GΩ), 1kV DC(50GΩ), 2.5kV DC(125 GΩ), 5kV DC(250 GΩ)
  • Accuracy: ±(5%+2d)
  • Battery: AA(1.5V)x8 (Alkaline Battery) (Not included)