Pro’sKit launches brand new industrial grade LCD smart soldering station


Pro’sKit, a leading tool brand and manufacturer of hand tools, power tools, soldering equipments and test instruments. Today launches the brand new SS-257 LCD smart soldering station, which features many excellent functions such as microprocessor controlled, high quality heating element, 3 data memories, protective design and more to give your market have the best competitive strength. News

Microprocessor controlled Smart features upgrade
SS-257 LCD smart soldering station uses microprocessor controlled which provides accurate temperature control and better performance. Additionally, the function menu design gives the visualization process, setting more easily and intuitively. What’s more, there are also have many smart functions:3 date memories can store and recall frequently used temperature values, auto sleep and wake up, tip calibration and low consumption.

Shuffle knob & Large screen Set and read easily
Comes with shuffle knob design, just need one touch or hold down shuffle knob 3 seconds can set parameter adjustment and enter the function setting screen easily. In addition, in the temperature setting screen, as long as control the shuffle knob clockwise or counter-clockwise, can be adjusted to increase or decrease the temperature. On the other hand, it also has a large screen with backlight, LCD contrast and brightness are adjustable, read values more conveniently.

High quality heating element Recovery fast
SS-257 has high end quad-wire heating element for fast heat recovery and best work performance. It also applies a low voltage 30V heater, completely isolated grid in the welding operation safer. Besides, from the cable of the soldering iron, uses silicone handpiece cord wire heat-resistant up to 200 ºC can effectively prevent burns from cable.

USB port output & Iron frame separate design Operation convenient
Built-in DC 5V/1A USB port for power supply can test 3C products directly and quickly. Equipped with iron frame is designed to be portable and separate, user can place it anywhere according to their habit, space-saving and more convenient.

Resettable fuse protective design Safety and reliability
SS-257 internal parts, cables comply with CE and ESD standard, conform to RoHS to meet the high quality. Furthermore, the resettable fuse protective function to ensure that no burning transformer when heating element short circuit, making product safety and reliability.

Pro’sKit is always committed to the complete development of the product line. We sincerely recommend you to try Pro’sKit the latest SS-257 LCD smart soldering station, which provides the most intelligent operating functions, stable and safe quality to benefit your market .