Pro’sKit launches brand new LED Magnifier Lamps to the market!


Pro’sKit, a leading tool brand and manufacturer of hand tools, power tools, soldering equipments and test instruments. Today launches the brand new LED magnifier lamps which includes MA-1013 LED Disk Type Magnifier Lamp and MA-1008 LED Magnifier Floor Lamp. Comes with SMD LED lights which features better illumination and energy saving. And the large glass lens provides high transmission for excellent view. Ideal for detailed reading, crafts, hobbyists, jewelers, electricians, precision work, nails painted and more. News

High brightness SMD LED, Energy saving 80%
Build in high-brightness SMD LED lights which providing super brightness as compared to traditional lamp. In addition, only low power consumption can reduce heat emissions efficiently and energy saving up to 80%.

20X longer lifetime, Up to 50,000 hours
Module SMD LED magnifier lamps have a long lifetime up to 50,000 hours which is 20 times longer than incandescent lamp, almost don’t need to be replaced lamp and cost effective. News

3D(1.75X) glass lens, high transmission without distortion
MA-1013 design with 3D (1.75X) & 12D (4X) large glass lens with high transmission for comfortable view. MA-1008 has 100*167 large glass lens without distortion gives you the crystal clear images, especially suitable for professionals, hobbyists, craftsmen, tailors, beauticians, magnify reading material. News

Low electromagnetic wave, Environmental friendly
Pro’sKit is always committed to the development of green products to make our surrounding more energy efficient and environment-friendly. The brand new magnifier lamps are equipped with a direct-current switching adapter, zero electromagnetic interference for best global environmental protection.

Universal joint and gooseneck design, Easy adjustment
MA-1013 LED Disk Type Magnifier Lamp has universal joint design, allows angling and pointing the light position more easily and safely. MA-1008 LED Magnifier Floor Lamp not only has a heavy duty floor-base for safety, the fold stand and 180 degree rotating bending lamp, even in sofa, bed or table allows you easy to use for reading or a job.

At the same time, they also includes a cover for lens protection and dust-proof. With the product are also attached hex wrenches, which can adjust tightness depend on your needs of habit.

Pro’sKit latest magnifying lamps features multiple advantages will satisfy the most application’ needs and easy to use in any where at any time. Try it, it will bring you the unique experience you never have.