GOOD NEWS! PROBBIE II IOS APP is available now!!


Probbie AI Robot has become such a big hit with its adorable outlook and funway modes even since Prokit's launched it. 

In 2019, Prokit's make it more "Clever."

The Probbie II comes with Micro: Bit, which  allows our "ProFans" to build very own robot and make it alive coding Micro:bit 


The Probbie II can be remotely controled via APP; however, the APP was only for Android version in 2019. 

In that case...How about the "ProFans", who are also the "Applefans"? Pro'sKit can not let them down.  

Thus, Now,

Probbie II Remote Control APP - IOS version is now availble

Only search for 『Probbie II』in APP store and download it into your device; then follow below simple steps. You may control "Probbie II's Life and expression," too! 


1. Download "12APP-Remote-Control.hex" file first, and then install it into your micro:bit board.

2. Follow below instruction to insert the board into your Probbie II


3. Enable Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and "Probbie II" , click scan to find your Probbie

4. Click "OK" to allow the app to access your bluetooth for controlling your Probbie 

The Perfect Combination

Probbie II is just the perfect combination  of STEAM. 

Now, no matter what kind of device you have, with IOS or ANDROID system,you can have fun freely. 

Just only - YOU HAVE PRO'SKIT!

Don't you have idea to  encourage your kids to find the interesting of science? Do you want to get close to your children? Do you know the spirit of STEAM? 

Come to Pro'sKit, and you'll find how fantstic the "STEAM" world is!