Pro’sKit Vol.30 Catalogue



Good news!Pro’sKit has finally published the latest version of the catalog, Vol. 30; hopefully, you may receive the hard copy soon. We have made few changes for the new edition and let’s see what’s new.

1. More convenient w/ E-catalogue

Pro’sKit has been working on digitizing the data, we have uploaded product pictures, product video, features page & specifications to our official website, so our customers can access all the information without time or area restriction.  In this case, Pro’sKit has put the QR code on each product, you can just use the cell phone & scan it, all the product information you need will be shown on your cell phone.


2 Environmaental fridenly design

Nowadays the catalog is still demandable in tool industries.  In the meantime, the environmental friendly issues are always getting high attention everywhere, how to balance the environmental friendly issues & marketing printing materials.  We have removed the index, shrank some pictures & introduction, which is effectively cutting down several pages.

We are now living in a digital world, all the data can be virtualized.  You can get whatever information you want from your cell phone.  Pro’sKit will keep evolving & increasing our strength, we can support our customers in every single way.  How do you like Pro’sKit Vol.30 Catalogue?  We hope you find it refreshing in this version of the catalog.  If you have any suggestions or comments, you are welcome to contact our sales team.