Pro'sKit Science Kits, Recognized by International Certification


Innovation, quality, and service are the guiding principles of Pro'sKit. In 2017, Pro'sKit science kits were officially introduced, designed and developed with the STEAM concept - the core elements of "assembly, learning, and gameplay." These toys are scientific power model toys, not only fun but also rich in educational value! Pro'sKit is honored to receive recognition and approval from the world-class STEM education organization this year (2024)!


What is STEM education? And what is STEAM education?

STEM education is an interdisciplinary, subject-integrated teaching method that focuses on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, and later extends to include art, also known as STEAM education. Most countries use "STEM" as the general term for the entire core STEM education.

Pro'sKit science kits are designed with STEAM elements from the product design stage. They utilize scientific principles to generate power, AI programming to demonstrate technological applications, and through assembly, users can experience engineering construction, process measurement, mathematical operations, and artistic aesthetics.

STEM education / STEAM education differs from traditional rote learning, abandoning one-way knowledge transmission and instead guiding students to think critically, integrate interdisciplinary knowledge and skills, and solve real-world problems. It cultivates a next generation of active learners who enjoy learning.


In this year's April Pro'sKit Brand Day, we were also honored to invite Mr. Yong Chengshu, Director of East Asia, to present us with the STEM certificate. In his speech, Director Yong expressed that obtaining the certificate is quite challenging, with only a few brands in Taiwan receiving it, and Pro'sKit is one of them!

Pro'sKit Science kits brand's international certification aligns with STEAM education and maker development. Pro'sKit science toys have products for all ages, suitable for adults and children alike. We have many natural power science toys, such as wind power, solar energy, saltwater, hydraulics, and more, allowing both adults and children to experience the power principles of science firsthand through assembly! We look forward to bringing such meaningful products to more educational institutions and families in need.

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Pro'sKit Science Kits, Recognized by International Certification

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