2024 Pro'sKit Brand Day(video)


On the scorching summer days, it's time for a water fight! Pro'sKit held the "Pro'sKit Brand Day and New Product Launch Event" on April 26th, introducing the new scientific toy product "Mega Cyborgs Water Blaster Transformer". Not only is it a model assembly toy, but also incorporates the principle of hydraulic power, with five cool water gun transformations, combining creativity and learning into endless fun. Especially suitable for outdoor summer activities, allowing children to explore the mysteries of science while enjoying the cool water battle fun.


Pro'sKit scientific toys combine scientific concepts and knowledge with "power model toys". The new product "Mercury Sagittarius" uses the hydraulic Pascal principle to generate power through manual pump operation, allowing the water gun to shoot water columns without any power support. The water in the PET bottle is transferred and sprayed through pressure, with a shooting range of up to 6 meters. In addition, it provides five water gun transformation modes: claw, shield, boomerang, sword, and crossbow, making people eager to form teams and battle. The universal water tank interface design allows for the use of PET bottles on the market as replacement water tanks, increasing water capacity and ensuring uninterrupted water battles.

Model assembly is also a major feature of scientific kits. This design not only provides the fun of assembly process but more importantly, through manual work and logical thinking training, enhances children's problem-solving skills. Pro'sKit found that many adults prefer scientific toys over children because of the focus and immersion during assembly, requiring less speculation and simply following the instructions step by step until completion, which can relieve stress and provide a sense of achievement.


Pro'sKit Science Kits released the new produc and brought good news at the same time. The Pro'sKit Science Kits brand has received international STEM certification, making it an excellent brand for STEAM education and maker development. On Brand Day, a STEM certification ceremony was also held.

Mr. Yong Chengshu, Director of STEM.org East Asia, was specially invited to the event to certify Pro'sKit Science Toys. Director Yong shared that only five brands in Taiwan have received this certification, indicating its high level of difficulty, and Pro'sKit is one of them. This certification is a great affirmation for Pro'sKit and instills more confidence in consumers regarding its products.


In addition to product development and company operations, Pro'sKit also places great emphasis on social responsibility. Every year, they hold the "Spinning Trails, Let Love Fly" charity donation event to give back to society. This year, Mr. Li Jiatong, founder and honorary chairman of the Bo'ai Foundation, was specially invited to the event. Despite being over 80 years old, Mr. Li traveled from Nantou to attend Brand Day, expressing his gratitude and touching everyone present.

The Bo'ai Foundation adheres to the philosophy of "not letting poor children fall into permanent poverty, and letting children rely on their own efforts to lift themselves out of poverty," a principle that Pro'sKit strongly supports. This year, they donated 200,000 to the Bo'ai Foundation to support children in need.


Pro'sKit scientific toys are 100% Taiwan patented research and development and production, with multiple patent certifications and international awards, adhering to quality and innovation. By connecting the core elements of "assembly, learning, and gameplay", they become unique products in the market, looking forward to bringing more learning and fun to makers and helping the continuous growth of the Pro'sKit brand.

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2024 Pro'sKit Brand Day(video)

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