🔍 Explore every detail of the world and brighten your life —— Pro’s Kit magnifier lamp series


In every corner of life, there are always subtle details waiting for us to discover. Pro's Kit multifunctional magnifying lamp series unveils the mystery of the micro world for you. Whether it's reading, crafting, or detailed observation, our magnifying lamps can meet all your needs. Now, let's explore these seven uniquely crafted magnifying lamps together.


Handheld LED magnifier — Portable explorer MA-029

Features: Double magnification, equipped with 8 LED lights and 1 UV light, easy to carry.

Advantages: Perfect for outdoor activities, antique appraisal, reading, and currency authentication.

Industrial applications: On-site inspection, quality control.

Household applications: Reading, handicraft and so on.

Other applications: Nail design.

Its compact and portable design allows you to enjoy a clear view anytime and anywhere. It is your best companion for outdoor events or daily reading.



LED desk type magnifier lamp — Guardian of the Workbench MA-1013

Features: 3D (1.75X) and 12D (4X) optical glass lenses, agile and adjustable arm design.

Advantages: Energy-saving, stable light source good for long-time work.

Industrial applications: Circuit board inspection, precise assembly.

Household applications: DIY crafts, great help while learning.

Other applications: Nail design.

Combine the advantages of stability and utility in desk lamp and magnifier, the LED desk type magnifier lamp is indispensable tool for you. Its stable light source and excellent magnification effect ensure the clear visibility of every single detail.



LED table clamp magnifier lamp — Desktop Research Expert MA-1209

Features: 56 SMD LED light sources, low-temperature, long-life, desktop clamp design.

Advantages: Easy to install, adjustable and agile arm positioning good for various work boards.

Industrial applications: Work board lighting, components’ inspection.

Household applications: Table Reading, Precise details checking.

Other applications: Jewelry design, nail design.

The clip-on fixture design easily attaches to the desktop or bookshelf, providing powerful magnification without occupying too much space. It’s reliable for students, researchers, artists, and craftsmen and so on.



Headband magnifier — Detail-oriented craftsman MA-016

Features: Three-section lenses providing 1.8X, 2.6X, 5.8X magnification ratios, Adjustable LED lights in different angles.

Advantages: Hands-free operation, adaptable to all head shapes, suitable for elaborated works.

Industrial applications: Precision welding, mechanical maintenance.

Household applications: model making.

Other applications: Jewelry design, nail design.

Free your hands and let the headband magnifier guide you into focus. High-brightness LED beads and high-definition magnifying lenses ensure precise operation in any scenario.



MA-1225 Gooseneck magnifier lamp — Best assistant for close work

Flexible Gooseneck & Sturdy Clamp: The flexible gooseneck reading light offers unparalleled versatility, enabling you to bent it at any angle direct the light to where it’s needed most.

  • A good work companion: Suitable to various work environment, offering customizable lighting and easy operation.
  • Industrial Uses: Product assembly, maintenance inspection.
  • Household Uses: Jewelry design, electronic DIY.
  • Other Applications: Jewelry design, intricate nail care.

The gooseneck magnifier lamp is a favorite among enthusiasts for its flexible viewing angle and steady illumination. Whether for jewelry appraisal or electronic repairs, it ensures optimal observation experience.


MA-014 8X LED Illuminated Magnifier — A Magnification Wizard in Your Pocket

  • Easy to carry: Convenient foldable design for effortless storage and portability.
  • Benefits: Compact, rapid deployment and indispensable for travel.
  • Industrial Uses: On-site repairs, outdoor tasks.
  • Household Uses: Reading aid, perfect travel companion. 
  • Other Applications: Jewelry design

Its compact folding design makes it lightweight and effortless portable. Be it to  travel, reading, or ad-hoc detail examination, it stands poised to assist you.



Smart Era’s Convenient Choice: 2 in 1 USB charging magnifying LED lamp MA-1010U

  • Feature: Two Lights Modes: Warm and Cold. USB rechargeable.
  • Benefits: High compatibility, Adjustable brightness across devices. Industrial Uses: Portable device detection, on-site maintenance.
  • Household Uses: Electronic device repair. Good companion for learning

The USB interface power supply ensures compatible with various devices, enhancing the 2 in 1 USB magnifying LED lamp. Whether plugged into a computer, power bank, or car power supply, it illuminates your micro world



Our magnifier lamp series is crafted to fulfill your quest of precision. Wherever you may find yourself, these meticulously designed magnifying lamps enable you to uncover life’s extraordinary moments. Secure your exclusive magnifier  lamp today behold the world magnified before your eyes!

🔍 Explore every detail of the world and brighten your life —— Pro’s Kit magnifier lamp series

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