Electric Soldering Iron Ultimate Guide


With a plethora of electric soldering iron options, figuring out how to balance work efficiency and budget can be a challenge for both soldering newbies and seasoned makers. Let's dive into various soldering irons and explore their ideal applications!


Differentiating based on the heating element, we have "Internal Heating" and "External Heating" types:

 Ceramic Heating Element Soldering Iron (Internal Heating)

In the internal heating structure, the heating element is placed at the central position inside, ensuring efficient heat transfer to the soldering iron tip. Compared to external heating, the internal heating type can melt solder wire within 2-3 minutes of consuming the same 60W power. Despite being a bit pricier, it excels in fast heating, making it suitable for continuous and rapid industrial-grade soldering applications.


• Electric Wire Heating Element Soldering Iron (External Heating)


The electric wire heating element soldering iron has a structure where the heating element is coiled around mica sheets and wrapped outside the soldering iron tip, also known as external heating. The power wattage of the soldering iron determines the maximum temperature and heating speed. Ranging from 30W and 40W for electronic soldering to 60W, 80W, 100W, or even higher wattages (Pro'sKit 8PK-S120N series) for electrical work, these soldering irons typically require 3-5 minutes of idle time after plugging in to reach the working temperature. This is because a significant portion of the heat dissipates into the surrounding air. Though slower in continuous soldering, the external heating type is cost-effective and widely used, especially among beginners.

In addition to using a damp sponge for cooling, traditional wire heating element soldering irons can be adjusted by unscrewing the fixed soldering iron tip. By adjusting the contact volume between the soldering iron tip and the heating element, you can control the heating speed, although this method requires some technical expertise. For the sake of temperature adjustment convenience, consider choosing a soldering iron with adjustable or controlled temperature.


Temperature-adjustable Soldering Iron

In general soldering work, different-sized solder joints require changing soldering irons with different wattages. To address this, Pro'sKit offers various single soldering irons that can handle different-sized solder joints!


• Quick Heat Soldering Iron (e.g., 1PK-SC109)

Pressing the heating button instantly heats the iron at high power, suitable for users who mainly solder small joints occasionally.



• Dual  Wattage Soldering Iron (e.g., SI-139)

Switching between power levels quickly with a switch, this dual wattage makes it a versatile soldering iron for various applications.



 Rotary Temperature Adjustment Soldering Iron (e.g., SI-131)

Users can finely adjust the temperature using a rotary knob, making it suitable for skilled engineers with greater responsibilities.



 Digital Control Soldering Iron (e.g., SI-186)

In precision electronic circuit soldering, many electronic components have temperature limits. To prevent burning components and PCB boards due to high temperatures, Pro'sKit provides a digital control soldering iron. The soldering iron chip has a real-time temperature sensing and self-adjusting feature, offering heating speed and temperature control capabilities that surpass lower-cost temperature-controlled soldering irons.



Industrial-grade Application – Temperature-controlled Soldering Station

Efficiency is crucial in production assembly lines, requiring excellent heating speed and precise working temperatures. In addition to these basic requirements, industrial-grade temperature-controlled soldering stations (e.g., SS-955B) from Pro'sKit surpass others in terms of continuous high-temperature operation durability. Beyond basic soldering functions, Pro'sKit offers various peripheral options such as electric desoldering guns, electric vacuum desoldering pens, automatic soldering stations, hot air rework stations, and solder pots, catering to different soldering needs.



Solutions for On-the-Go Soldering and Repairs

• USB Powered Soldering Iron (SI-168U)

With a pen-sized and portable design, this USB Powered soldering iron is convenient to carry and store. Perfect for on-the-go use, it doesn't require an outlet. Simply plug it into a power bank or laptop USB port for soldering circuit boards anywhere, solving the hassle of soldering during field repairs!



 Gas Soldering Iron (GS-23K)

Need to solder large joints on a machine casing while on the go? Shrinking heat shrink tubing without an external power source? Requiring a hot knife or a 1300℃ high-temperature torch to cut metal chains? The Pro'sKit GS-23K Gas Soldering Iron Kit-Auto Ignition

 is your solution for soldering, bending pipes, hot air applications, welding, and burning tasks, offering immediate relief!



After reading this guide, are you feeling eager to start hands-on maker projects right away? Choose Pro'sKit electric soldering irons to unleash your creative endeavors with ease!

Electric Soldering Iron Ultimate Guide

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