5 parameters to choose your Li-ion Grinder


5 parameters to choose your Li-ion Grinder.

1.Lithium Battery Operating Voltage:

First, figure out if your primary tasks involve lighter touch-ups or if you need to tackle larger surface areas for polishing. Different battery voltages provide different power levels suitable for various tasks. For occasional light polishing, you might opt for the 3.7V PT-5205U USB Charging Grinder Set. However, for thicker, deeper, and larger area polishing, you might need the higher voltage and greater power of the PT-5208U with an 8V Li-ion Anti-locked Safety Grinder Set.

2.Rotation Per Minute (RPM):

When dealing with extensive polishing, higher RPM can significantly boost your work efficiency. However, for precision polishing or drilling, you may need lower RPM. Choosing a polishing tool with adjustable speed settings gives you more flexibility.

3.Battery Capacity (mAh) & Charging Time:

If you need extended continuous polishing, for example with a 3.6V PT-5206U Li-ion USB Grinder Set, a larger battery capacity would be more suitable. However, be mindful, especially if you frequently use the tool. Also, pay attention to the charging time as it determines how long you have to wait for a recharge.

4.Charging Method:

USB charging on the go without the need for an extra transformer is your best bet. It's convenient for charging in the car via USB ports, using a phone, computer, portable power source, ensuring you can recharge anytime without limitations.

5.Polishing Accessories:

Check the polishing accessories that come with the grinder set to ensure they meet your essential job requirements. Some tools may come equipped with different types of grinding or other accessories, helping you handle various types of tasks.

5 parameters to choose your Li-ion Grinder

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