Spending money to upgrade the bandwidth but the network still slow


Spending money to upgrade the bandwidth but the network still slow

(In fact, the network speed also has a barrel short board theory you know)


 I wonder if you've ever met me...you might bother by the situation below:

 Always look around the screen...

🧧 Your friends in WeChat always can not grab the red envelopes....

 🎮You are always killed by your game enemy when playing online game....

Even your girlfriend has complained that your Internet speed is too slow to run away from home....


Up to 90% of home network users pay to upgrade their monthly rental plans, but the Internet speed still seems to fall short of expectations. We have heard the barrel short board theory, in fact, the network speed also has the barrel short board theory you know, decide how fast your network can run, in fact, is in the most card that point, don't let plug and pull many times and wear the network joint and aging network cable become your home network speed the shortest network speed that short board

It's time to replace a network cable that doesn't trawl it again


The following is the vertical and horizontal network cable tool for more than 30 years of the old master home network tool recommendation👍👍

[Crimming wire tool]

8 core network wire relies on the compression wire tool to connect the joint and the network wire, and the precise connection of each core allows you to easily control the compression wire work of the network cable

The following several people pneumatic contact tools, recommended to the most Smart you

4P/6P/8P Telecom Crimping Tool (190mm) CP-376TR

CAT.5/6/7 Modular Plug crimping Tool CP-335N

Krone Impact Terminal Tool with lock CP-3141A


[wire stripper]
Precisely and quickly strip the outermost layer of the network cable without damaging the copper core, and give you a complete and fast network speed
The following popular wire stripping tools are recommended for the smartest you
Universal Stripping Tool (UTP/STP、RG-59/6/7/11) CP-505
Wire Stripper Tool 6PK-501
UTP/STP Cable Stripper 8PK-CT001


[Network Fiber Test]

If you want to test whether the network cable is connected correctly, you must know that the signal attenuation is caused by excessive bending of the optical fiber. You must not miss it.

The following popular network fiber test tools are recommended for the smartest you

Mini Lan Cable Tester MT-7058

4 in 1 fiber Optical Power Multimeter MT-7615


[Network PoE Toner & Probe Kit]
You can't do without him if you want to check the phone network route of the whole family.
The following popular line checkers are recommended for the smartest you
Noise-filtering Network PoE Toner & Probe Kit MT-7029N


[Electric screwdriver]
Do you need to disassemble and install screws? A screwdriver gun with a small body, strong strength and USB charging is worthy of the invincible and handsome you
3.6V Li-Ion USB Cordless Screwdriver PT-1362U


[Network Toolkit]
I have read too many introductions and don’t know how to choose? Is there a barrier to choice? Take a set away and worry-free home network wiring
The following popular network tool kits are recommended for the smartest you
Network Test Tool Kit PK-2633
Network Installation Tool Kit PK-2635
Professional Network Installation Tool Kit PK-2636


👉To see what home network tools do you need (click me)👈

Spending money to upgrade the bandwidth but the network still slow

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